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Boise Engagement Photos
Wednesday, January 18, 2017
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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Why an engagement session? Are many Boise couples doing this?

Yes, this is the norm, and your future guests expect to see your beautiful engagement photos on their wedding invitations or Save the Dates to your Boise wedding. And hello, this is a fun date! Our complimentary E-sessions give us an opportunity to have some beautiful images for wedding invites and announcements. We also get to know each other in a fun and relaxing environment that Boise and the Treasure Valley have to offer and help you become comfortable in front of the camera before your big day. I can then get a sense on what you like and how I can best document the most important day of your life!


Preparing for your engagement session in the Treasure Valley.

Prior to your session, we will have a consultation and discuss locations and wardrobe. This can be an outing in nature, re-creating your first date, or something more formal. Boise and the Treasure Valley offer so much variety with so many beautiful and fun spots! If you’re needing inspiration, I’m happy offer suggestions!  I absolutely love e-sessions and have included horseback rides, canoeing, hiking, etc. Don’t be afraid to consider something unique! These are the best sessions, whether it's biking downtown Boise, hiking the foothills, strolling the greenbelt, going to a museum or landmark, your favorite restaurant, or having one of the many adventures the Treasure Valley has to offer. Whatever you choose, this should be fun and reflect you and reflect your style and personalities. Bring anything that adds a personal touch!


What do you do with engagement photos?

Sometimes I think I love engagement photos more than I love the wedding photos! They are just so beautiful and so....YOU! They are wonderful to have on your walls as a newlywed couple, add in your wedding album, and my favorite, to create a guestbook. I love creating a photo/guestbook album that your guests can "oooh! and aaahhh!" over as they leave their notes of love and well wishes for you to enjoy for the rest of your lives, alongside your wedding album. You never know where life will take you, and you will likely always feel a sense of love and longing for the Boise area, should you ever leave in your many adventures together.

Hiring a quality wedding photographer l Boise Wedding Photographer
Saturday, January 14, 2017
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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What to consider when shopping for your Boise Wedding Photographer

You may have been shopping around Boise or the Treasure valley for a wedding photographer and get more confused the more you compare. Wedding Photography is generally one of the more expensive items on your list of services and sometimes it can be hard to know what to consider or look for when hiring a photographer beyond price comparisons. It can also be easier to cut costs with the wedding photography. Here are some things to consider: Your Beautiful Wedding Images are a result of Tools, Time, and Talent. If your photographer is lacking in any of these areas, it will definitely show in the quality of your wedding album/images.

  • Time: Will your photographer be there to capture the story of your day? When we arrive at your wedding, there will be at least two photographers shooting your wedding. This allows us to shoot two separate locations at once (such as bride getting prepped one place and groom in another) or two unique vantage points in one location (such as shooting both close up and at a wide angle during the ceremony. Time also includes what effort is put into making your images beautiful after the wedding and editing begins.
  • Tools: Equipment is essential in delivering a quality product. This requires professional lighting equipment, camera bodies, backup cameras, a variety of lenses for various shots, batteries, and the software to edit, store, and deliver your products.                                                                                                                            
  • Talent: This is a challenge to price. This is what appeals to you, the client, and depends not only the the time and tools already acquired, but the knowledge and consistent creation and delivery of quality photos. It is common to ask a photographer to see several weddings they have worked, beginning to end. It is also expected that you will want to see wedding albums and any other products you expect to receive for yourself. There is definitely a talent eye needed to design albums and reasonable have samples.                                                                                               

What you should expect from your Boise Wedding Photographer

A professional photographer will rarely offer ‘shoot and burn’ coverage on a CD. Shoot and burn is a term in the industry that describes someone who will shoot the wedding and then directly copy them onto a disk for the couple. Often these images sit in a drawer, never to be printed or put on a wall or album to be enjoyed. Sometimes they are not worth showing on a wall, which is so unfortunate, as you can never ‘re-do' your wedding photographs. A professional will take the time to train themselves before the wedding in photography, lighting, posing, editing, and processing beautiful art that you can and will be proud to showcase in a beautiful quality wedding album and/or hang on your wall. They have the experience to know how to create beautiful images under a wide variety of circumstances. They have equipment that can compensate for poor lighting situations, either harsh shadows or sunlight Boise can be known for, rain, wind, etc. They have the equipment to handle the large RAW files that are necessary for maximum creative abilities in a professional editing program. They must work quickly and efficiently to get the necessary photos in the least amount of time possible. This requires assistants who understand and can help with shooting and with the camera and lighting equipment. There are several highly talented and professional wedding photographers in the Boise Treasure Valley area to choose from! Having a contract that lays out what you are paying for, when you will receive your goods, and what your (and your photographers') rights and responsibilities is a must have! When the cake has been eaten and the dress put away, your wedding images are what will be enjoyed for generations.


How Many Photos Shoud You Expect from your Boise Wedding Day

Generally, about 50-100 photos are delivered for every hour of photo coverage. That may seem like a lot of photos, but every detail of your wedding is being photographed and we don’t want to miss a thing! Because we shoot in RAW format, our equipment is handling a large volume of very large files. We then go through all of these and cull duplicate photos, any blinking photos, etc. We make sure they are all color adjusted and cropped to be the most aesthetically appealing. We then do edits to make sure skin is clear, eyes and teeth are bright. We will also choose a few favorites to do more extensive and artistic enhanced edits. Of course, you are involved in choosing which images you ultimately want these special edits on and which images will be in your album. This is your story, your day, your memories!