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Finding the Best Wedding Venue in Boise
Friday, January 13, 2017
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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Are you looking for the perfect Boise wedding venue? You're not alone! Well, I've done my research and decided to share with more Boise brides.

Moving to Boise only a couple of years ago, not being super familiar with the area, I realized this has been a common challenge to my wedding brides...We are in a shortage of wedding venues here in the Treasure Valley! If you can get your venue figured out early on, the rest should all fall into place so much easier.



What questions should I ask when looking for my Boise Wedding Venue?

  • What style of venue am I looking for? Elegant, formal, casual, country, urban?
  • Do I need the venue for just the wedding ceremony, or the wedding reception, or both?
  • How many wedding guests will the venue comfortably hold for both a wedding ceremony as well as a wedding reception?
  • Do I need a membership to have my wedding here? Some require a fee for membership, or a member to sponsor you and your wedding.
  • Are there both indoor and outdoor options that fit my needs at the venue? Be prepared for any weather on your wedding day!
  • What rules are there for our wedding photos? (flash, equipment, sharing images, fees, etc)
  • Do they use your own wedding coordinators or can we use our own?
  • Is there an on-site wedding caterer?
  • Does the venue have an alcohol license?
  • does the wedding venue carry liability insurance, or will they require us to pay that?
  • What is included in the rental? Decorations, tables, chairs, linens, arbor, food service items, glassware, china?
  • What kind of outdoor lighting is there?
  • What is provided for music/DJ services? Are there outlets, space for the DJ, caterers, seating, bar?
  • what is the cancellation policy if we need to change our wedding plans?Are there discounts available if we book during the week or off season?
  • What kind of limitations does the venue put on my wedding? For example:
    • what time do we need to leave
    • can we use our own caterers and other vendors?
    • do you provide a preferred vendor list?
    • are there restrictions for sparklers, candles, heating units, etc?
    • can we bring our own beverages and are alchoholic beverages allowed on site?
    • what music is allowed? Is there room/utilities available for DJ and/or live band?
    • is there a time the music must end? or how long it can be?
  • What is the price? Is this broken down per person, and what are the taxes, service fees, etc.?
  • How many restrooms are available?
  • Is there enough parking?
  • Is the facility handicap friendly?
  • What is included in the contract?
  • Will they write up a proposal that fits within your budget? Get it in writing!
  • Will you be getting ready at your venue? is there adequate room for you to get ready?


What are your experiences in searching for the right Treasure Valley wedding venue? What do you wish you had known? What problems did you avoid or (unfortunately) not avoid? What did you love about your Boise wedding and venue?

So, now that you're armed with the right questions and know what you want, where in the heck do you find your venue??


What weddingvenues are available in the Boise/Treasure Valley area?

Actually, there are a LOT more than we realized!

There are so many wedding venue options in the Boise area, that I'll be creating a separate post this week. I'll post the link on our Facebook page.


Most of all, have a fabulous rest of your life with your sweetheart!


Much love,



Wedding Planner/Flowers: Cypress Events - Kim Carley, 208-890-3335

Officiant: Tyler Dobush   509-727-8671

Hotel for Bridal Prep: Hotel43 855-516-1090

Venue: Rose Room (208) 381-0483

Catering : A Lively Chef  208-389-9600

Bar Service: Jo’s Traveling Bar  208-440-6429

DJ: Corden Fuhriman Sound Wave Events 208.891.0094

Lighting:  Sound Wave Design 208-891-0094

Cake and Desserts: Albertson’s Bakery/Overland & 5 Mile

Makeup:  Nadia/Panache in Eagle   208-631-7265

Hair:  Amanda 208-898-4252

Idaho Towncar:  208-871-6900