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Ashley l Boise Senior Photography
Wednesday, March 25, 2015
By Lynn Gormley
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Thank you Ashley and Mom for letting me shoot such a gorgeous girl! Look at that hair and eyes! Ashley's mom completely surprised me by calling up to ask if I could do her senior shoot when we had first moved to Boise. They loved the image I had done of April and Brooke and wanted that 'music album cover' look for Ashley and Tessa's senior photos. Tessa is Ashley's stepsister and you can see her shoot here. I was a little nervous when Ashley wanted some shots taken in the foothills, as I had never shot in the foothills and wondered how they could turn out 'pretty'. I'm now a believer….I want to do some more in the foothills! AND, we had a great time riding my Razor (4 wheeler) behind my property to get to some of these places. Thanks again, Ashley! Best of luck in your endeavors, and happy traveling after graduation… dot forget to take lots of pictures!!


Ashley5236-Edit.JPG Ashley5355-Edit.JPG Ashley5353-Edit-2.JPG Ashley5323-Edit-2.JPG

Ashley5261-Edit-2-Edit.JPG Ashley5266-Edit-2-Edit.JPG

Lauren l Centennial High School l Boise High School Photography
Thursday, February 06, 2014
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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So this is very different for me and I'm so excited I got to do Lauren's senior pictures! First off….HER HAIR!! Love love it!! And so flattered she drove from Colorado and trapsed with me around Boise to have me do this senior shoot. And of course she is gorgeous. Lauren wanted a vintage themed senior shoot and also some grunge style senior shots. We lucked out and found the perfect location with some amazing graffiti. And I got to use my flash with night time shooting. Loved everything about this senior shoot. Thank you Lauren! Still many more to work on and post! Lauren_DSC_0950-gate_logo Lauren_DSC_1528-Edit 

1109Lauren_DSC_1109  1314Lauren_DSC_1314 Lauren_DSC_1028-Edit Lauren_DSC_1234-Edit Lauren_DSC_1251-Edit  Lauren_DSC_1479-Edit