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Tuesday, January 24, 2017
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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‪Here are my TOP TEN tips for your upcoming beauty shoot. Try to check these off and bring more than you think you'll need. We'll pair together when you get here.‬


‪#1) For a slimmer look, form fitting is definitely best. Women, look for figure-hugging clothes. 


‪#2) Think textures. Textures like lace, ruffles, and ruching add interest. Look for interesting textured tops. Avoid wild patterns as they may detract from your face.‬


‪#3) Bring a variety of colors-- something light (ivory, nude, pastel), something dark (black or gray is great), something with a pop of color (something that makes your eyes pop is best.) If we'll be doing together shots, the easiest way to pull this off is to get you all in similar tones. One look could be light neutrals. Another look could be darker tones. And a third look could be colorful (maybe shades of earth tones, jewel tones, pastels-- whatever you feel suits you best.)‬ It's best to keep 3-4 choices of colors, so some options might be blue, grey, and a pop of yellow on scarves, a shirt, or jewelry, for example.


‪#4) Look for layers. Ladies, add a form-fitting jacket, slim fit knit cardigan, or scarf in coordinating colors to cover and slim your arms. Men, layer collared shirts with a form-fitting jacket,  vest, or pullover knit sweater and don't forget to bring coordinating ties, if we're adding in a more formal look. ‬


‪#5) Look for the necklines and sleeve lengths that flatter you. For sleeve lengths, 3/4 sleeves are generally flattering and slimming. Sleeveless is great on thinner or toned arms or pair with layers to slim arms.‬


‪#6) Bring or wear jewelry that speaks to your style.‬ If you have a lot, bring it! Accessories add so much to your images; silky scarves and robes, hair accessories, big belts, lace gloves...You never know what we'll use for your shoot!  


‪#7) Come with clean, manicured nails. Hands come into frame a lot with headshots. Polish your rings too if you wish.‬


‪#8) A professional hair and makeup artist will spend about an hour to helping you look and feel your best. Please come with a fresh face (no makeup, but well moisturized). Arrive with your hair dried (preferably wash it the night before) do not use a flat iron or any kind of styling tools or product prior to your shoot.   If you have any clip in hair extensions please bring them along with any hair accessories you have.  Any waxing, coloring, or dramatic changes should happen well before the shoot. I will check with you during this time to see how you feel about your hair and makeup. It is very important that you bring up any concerns that you may have. Keep in mind that makeup can tend to be a bit washed in camera so we add just a touch more to compensate. We will generally use false eyelashes if you're comfortable with that. I love using these as they give a natural look and really make the eyes pop without having a lot of makeup and shading applied. If you aren't comfortable in false eyelashes, they can be applied in photoshop afterwards (crazy, huh?) 


‪#9) For examples, please check out my Pinterest board with looks gathered from the internet. This is a secret board where other women who've had their sessions have posted what appealed to them. Feel free to add your inspiration as well as comments as to what it is that appeals to you (her hair, clothing, pose, location, etc) Use this as a springboard for ideas to bring up during our wardrobe consultation and/or when you're shopping.  


‪#10) Get ready for fun! Looking forward to meeting you and bringing out your best!‬


Please let us know if you have any questions, we can't wait for your shoot!  

-Lynn 208-821-4882