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Rachel l Boise Modern Glamour Photography
Wednesday, December 04, 2013
By lynn gormley photography
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This is Rachel. I absolutely loved this shoot. Everything came together so well and we were able to create some gorgeous images. I am so over the top with this shoot, that I have had a really hard time choosing my favorites. Why was this shoot so awesome?? Several reasons, aside from the fact that Rachel is obviously a naturally gorgeous woman. But that's not what makes a successful shoot. First, we consulted with eachother about what Rachel envisioned. That can be hard to determine if you haven't had one of these sessions before! I had some ideas and I have a Pinterest board where Rachel and I were able to pin, view, and comment on ideas we were both seeing and getting inspiration from. That gets the ball rolling in getting excited and creative about the shoot. We start thinking about wardrobe, hair, makeup, posing, locations, etc. Rachel came with alot ALOT of clothes and accessories. I love that! I also have a wardrobe for clients to borrow from. We started pulling together the looks we've already decided on with some more options for last minute ideas. Together, we had more than enough clothes and accessories to give her some variety with different looks. I love the texture of the sweater with a natural and neutral look. Rachel looks stunning in her red dress. My red lipstick was a must for this look as well as giving her a more dramatic look for the rest of her makeup. The gold dress was also pulled from the studio wardrobe. I love this elegant look how the color/tones work for her. We had so much more than we needed, but we kept shooting and changing until time ran out. Rachel was prepared and we knew what we wanted to achieve which made for a much more confident shoot. It didn't take her long to relax and trust me. I give a lot of specific direction on posing. A slight lean or change in a pose can truly subtract at least 10 pounds and completely alter an image. It is not necessary to use a lot of makeup, props, or photoshop if you are being properly directed. My goal is to make each woman look gorgeous like they truly are. I focus on accentuating your positives and diminishing qualities that aren't as flattering in camera. This means you are getting images that reflect YOU, not a super photoshopped version. After the shoot, I touch up minor imperfections and color corrections. I quite often brighten eyes and teeth as well. When makeup hair and posing are nailed, this last step is quite minimal. Rachel should be getting her prints any day. I am thrilled she was so happy with them, and what I love the most is that her family will have these images for generations. She has photos she feels confident and beautiful in. She will exist in these images for her children for many many years. I don't know why, but somewhere in the last generation or so, we stopped getting our portraits taken sometime after our senior photos. These are my absolute favorite shoots. I am not transforming women, I am simply using a camera to mirror what women quite often don't take the time to see in themselves. I hope you enjoy Rachel's 'before' natural beauty shot and her modern magazine styled glam session. rachel before after4logo_______ rachel-_DSC4230-Edit-Edit _______ rachel-_DSC4225-Edit-Edit _______ rachel_logo--6 _______ rachel_logo--5 _______ rachel_logo-4220 ________  _______ rachel_logo-2 ________ rachel_logo- ________ rachel_logo--24 ________ rachel_logo--23 ________ rachel_logo--21 __________ rachel_logo--13 ___________ rachel_logo--12 _____________ rachel_logo--11 ______________ rachel_logo--10 _______________ rachel_logo--9 ________________ rachel_logo--8 ________________ rachel_logo--7 _____________rachel_logo--3 ______________  _____________ rachel-_DSC4317-final_Edit______________rachel-_DSC4298-Editlogo _____________

Griselda Rodriguez l Boise Photography
Saturday, November 23, 2013
By Lynn Gormley Photography l Boise photography
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Griselda is an aspiring model and I was fortunate to be able to photograph her as well as doing a before/after session. I offer this to all of my clients and would love to transform women who feel like they don't take 'good photos', spend some time pampering them with hair and makeup, show them how to pose and look their best in photos, and have them leave feeling on top of the world with photos to enjoy for generations! Do you know anyone who needs a boost? Is it you?? Call anytime to chat and learn more about modern makeover and portraiture sessions!

griselda-1075before griselda-1081logo griselda-1272sm_logo griselda-1211logo griselda-1148logo griselda-1129logo griselda-1109alogo  griselda-1375-3logo