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Adjusting to a new life...
Tuesday, January 21, 2014
By Lynn Gormley Photography
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Moving to a new place has given my family lots of new experiences. It hasn't all been as simple as we though living on a beautiful little farm would be. Truthfully, it's been downright traumatic at times! We are learning that dogs (aka: dumb dogs and farm animals are not a great mix). Baby cows are very curious and aren't held in by barbed wire fencing. Baby cows also don't have good sense of where to go and where not to go exploring. Firemen are good guys to have around when you have a calf in danger. Coyotes are not as scared of humans as we would like to think. And, it's imperative that you have good like minded people around when you have an emergency on the farm. Crazy neighbors don't count. Everyone loses if I'm not healthy. I took some much needed advice from friends and took some time and photos for myself. What a great reminder of why we wanted this lifestyle in the first place....I'm starting to get it. egg_DSC_0553_logo Will_DSC_0476-logo copy Will_DSC_0402-3-logo calvesDSC_0223 calves_DSC_0284_riding hood_logo

Will_DSC_0744-Edit Will_DSC_0657_riding-hood_logo

____ and I had to sneak in a little farm glamour... April_logo-