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I have always been around art, nature, and beautiful surroundings. As a daughter of an artist, I spent much of my time tagging along in the mountains, coast, or some canyon looking for inspiration, watching her interpret what she saw and then create beautiful paintings, trailing her to art shows where there was so much talent of others to enjoy.  I'm pretty fortunate my parents took the time to show me beauty in everyday things.  Photography was always involved on outings and my husband, Wes, is frequently photographing alongside me.

 Photos are wonderful...that glimmer of memory as someone looks at a photo and the memories it brings=awesome!  Trying to capture that spirit is what makes photography rewarding for me. I love living in Boise and so excited to break into Boise wedding photography and Senior Photography. I have a special love of the before/after transformations of portrait and beauty photography for women in the Boise area as well.

I am 'mom' to 5 wonderful kids, stepmom to 7, and wife to an amazing man.  I don't know how I came to be so blessed.


Thanks for stopping by! Please contact me at 208-821-4882 or email me. You can also find me on  Facebook .